Mentorship Hub is an initiative that seeks to increase the number of women in leadership and decision-making roles across sectors in South Africa.

Women in leadership positions in society can offer guidance to young females who are early in their career or business. Some people naturally find mentors in the workplace or business
area but not everyone is so fortunate. Creating a women’s mentorship hub provides every female the opportunity to offer or accept guidance. 

Throughout the year-long programme, participants benefit from personal and professional development through their one-on-one mentoring journey complemented by peer-to-peer learning, mentoring circles, inspirational talks, panel discussions, skills-enhancement workshops and networking events.



  • Develop advanced leadership, coaching, and mentoring skills through mentors-only training
  • Be recognized as a leader within their organization and in the community
  • Build a strong and supportive network with women from a broad range of industries
  • Give back to the community in a meaningful way through supporting, younger women coming through the ranks


  • Expand leadership and business acumen skills through leadership development training and learn from highly successful women outside their direct sphere of activity
  • direct sphere of activity
  • Build a strong and supportive network with women from a broad range of industries
  • Gain insights and guidance to better tackle issues or challenges in the workplace


One-on-One Mentoring: Mentors and Mentees are matched during a physical mentoring circle meeting according to common goals, motivations, interests and professions. Each mentoring pair is responsible for managing their own meetings with the onus on mentee to
drive the engagement. Mentoring pairs typically meet physically once a month (one hour) throughout the Programme year and hold once a week online (whatsapp or otherwise) touchbase meeting (30mins) as a minimum requirement. Dynamic Ladyz will provide ongoing support and guidance on appropriate discussion topics and effective communication to ensure both mentees and mentors maximise the benefits of their relationship. Participants are also encouraged to personalise their experience according to their individual objectives.

Mentoring Check-ins: Dynamic Ladyz will hold quarterly check-ins with mentors and mentees to come together and share best practice on making the most of their mentoring experience as well as seeking and providing professional advice on the professional challenges they are facing. This sessions will ensure that there is feedback in the coaching and mentoring process. These sessions will be held in small groups of where members learn from and share tips with each other on matters they wish to discuss. During these meetings DL will organise for inspirational talks or panel discussions to be given to encourage all participants in this process.

Leadership Skills Sessions: Dynamic Ladyz will provide participants with the opportunity to participate in specially tailored workshops on topics such as executive presentation and communication skills, developing resilience, positive mindset, online branding and financial health. Through these workshops, participants receive individualized and actionable feebackfrom industry experts with the ultimate aim of developing their interpersonal and personal leadership skills. We also understand that when women are mentored, there tends to be a focus on developing soft skills. Whilst this is important we will like to ensure our programme also focus on building business and strategy acumen amongst women.

Social Events: The Dynamic Ladyzorganise an awards night annual to recognise and uplift women of different works of life during which mentors are identified and current mentors/mentees also appreciated.Participants also enjoy social and networking events that bring together Programme participants in relaxed and convivial settings.