• Women in Finance This category is open to advocates, supporters and achievers in the world of finance actively bridging the diversity gap in the sector. This includes women in the field of finance or those actively helping other women in finances like small loans to help them grow.
  • Women in Education This category will recognise a woman who has shown outstanding contribution in education. The deserving woman has either served directly in educating students/pupil or has served in the board of education making extra ordinary contribution to the advancement of education.
  • Women in Social Services This category will recognise women who provide services to assist the overall social well- being of people. This includes women in the field of welfare services, social work and nurses working to serve the disadvantaged, distressed or vulnerable persons.
  • Women in Business This category will be presented to women who are either employed or self- employed, has a proven successful track record in their chosen field, showing continuous and consistent drive, performance and staying power.
  • Women in Science Within this category, we are also seeking nominees with a career in the sciences who can demonstrate a track record of academic excellence in the field of science; and are showing signs of success in pushing through scientific developments to commercial application.
  • Young Entrepreneur (below 35) This award will be presented to an entrepreneurial woman aged 35years or under, self- employed and has shown great commitment and innovation in developing the company or business they own and displaying excellent future potential.
  • Women in Social Enterprise This category will be presented to women organisation or individual that works tirelessly in either a paid or voluntary capacity for the benefit of the community and can supply evidence that they are driven by a social and/or environmental mission.